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12-Week Group Weight Loss Teleclass with Comfort and Anonymity

Great news if you've been struggling with your weight and are ready to address the issue with fabulous support.   You can join the 12-week Group Weight Loss Teleclasses.

Here's how it works: You and others will participate in a group call for one hour each week for 12 weeks.  The format includes your participation, some coaching and a ton of sharing of ideas, frustrations and strategies that work.

This program helps you create and step into a new healthier lifestyle that will launch an all-out attack on weight!

Here's what you can expect:
  • Creation of a healthy eating plan
  • Finding an exercise regime that fits with your preferences
  • Learning to love and accept yourself regardless of weight
  • More mindful living
  • More effective handling of stress
  • You can become your priority
  • How to handle saboteurs, including yourself
  • Learning to make better choices all around
  • How to get back on the weight loss wagon once you've fallen off!
This project targets an elite group: fabulous females who yearn to lose weight, permanently!   If you are ready to examine why you misuse food and mistreat yourself and wish to surround yourself with a like-minded group offering tremendous support, this program is for you.

$400. This includes 12 one-hour teleclasses and up to 3 individual mini coaching sessions as well as email contact when required.

At home, on vacation, wherever you happen to be - as long as there is a telephone.

Feel free to participate in a complimentary coaching call.  Contact lyndawise@yahoo.com

If you think that this might be for you, feel free to get in touch regarding future sessions.