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Meet the Clients... Who are they?
  • Individuals ready to ignite their lives

  • People for whom life is good and could be great

  • Women and men who are tired of feeling overweight and/or under active who know that life can offer more when they have the health and energy to participate more

  • Groups looking for a workshop loaded with self discovery, health tips and fun

  • Corporations focusing on balancing employees' personal lives, allowing for a happier, more productive and more successful performance at work.
Client Comments

"Meeting you has helped me make significant changes in my life and lifestyle."

"Lynda Wise is intelligent, compassionate, understanding, creative, and direct, with the background and real-world experiences to advise me expertly in several areas."

"Lynda was able to engage the group in a number of interactive exercises, and I believe she stimulated the kind of discussion that only occurs when individuals look beyond the boundaries of their professional lives and begin to examine their own hearts and minds."

"It helped me get back on track and with the support to stay on track, reaching my goal."

"I have completed the 12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass with Lynda Wise.  As non-convinced as I was when I started, I'm totally amazed at my results NOW. . . . With Lynda's help I achieved my weight loss goal and what is most important is that the pounds are gone for good, and I know that I'll continue this new way of living because it makes me feel good, physically and mentally."