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Weight loss is about believing you are worth the effort to let go of excess weight and live in the body of your dreams.  Weight loss is about how you misuse food and mistreat yourself.   Working on self esteem, your handling of stress and the various areas of your life that don't satisfy you will result in increased confidence and drive to lose those excess pounds.   You can become an individual who is more capable of making necessary changes.  You can experience a lifelong physical and mental well-being.

Choose between individual coaching or the 12-Week Weight Loss Teleclass.

Food: Bid farewell to diets.  Welcome an eating plan that harmonizes with your life style.   Take a long hard look at what you eat and how much you enjoy it.  
  • When was the last time that the last bite tasted as wonderful as the first?
  • You CAN learn to stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied.
  • What happened since kindergarten?  You learned to share and that included dessert!
  • Is it that you can't or won't eat a good breakfast?  
  • Water and fiber are friends not enemies.  
You'll work with Lynda to customize an interesting, healthy eating plan.

Fitness: Get moving!  
  • Shrink TV time, grow active time.
  • Fitness needn't be a 90 minute workout at the gym, 5 times per week!
  • Use the 'no elevator unless desperate' rule.
  • Relinquish the remote.
  • Park your car in the spot that's furthest from the mall.
There's no alternative - get off your butt!

Fun: Wise choices of Food and Fitness give you extra energy to enjoy the Fun parts of living!   Scheduling Fun makes life better and you deserve the best!

Health: Your body, silently and not-so-silently, rebels when you are carrying around an extra 15, 30 or more pounds, all the time.  Taking off extra weight can drastically reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer - to name a few!  Accompany weight loss with increased activity and set yourself up for healthy years filled with energy and enjoyment.